Terms & Conditions

We are your middle man to get your desires easily and perfectly. But as per the rule to the service these are some terms and conditions which you should know and have to accept.

1. You are categorized as per your specialty on our portal. You should apply only those jobs which require your categories. Applying on the categories other than your registration will lead you not to be selected.

2. You should check all the criteria and requirements of a job before applying. If any requirement which you don’t hold please don’t apply there because this will also lead you not to be selected.

3. Once applied for a job will not roll back you as your application will be sent to the recruiters ASAP.

4. No refund will be made after paying for a subscription as well as the subscription is not transferable in any circumstances.

5. Contest application is a separate task. If you want to apply for a contest which is payable you need to pay for the same which is already defined. If the contest is free you not need to pay for applying.

6. Selection for a contest depends on your lead if the voting is available for that contest or on your performance in audition if audition required.

7. If a guest want to vote for an artist it depends as following

                  a. If the voting is free you can submit your single free vote in a contest. If you want to vote more than one you need to buys voting subscription. Now you are allowed to vote any participant and any number of votes you have.

                 b. If the voting is payable you need to buy voting subscription and now you are allowed to vote any participant and any number of votes you have.

8. A recruiter can post a job but he cannot delete after activation or a single application on his job.

9. A recruiter can select the artist as per his specialties but contact to artist is made by us only.

10. You can provide only those details which are allowed to show. Any contents which is not as per our standards or dislocation of your personal information is not allowed and it will lead you to be deactivated by us for a short time till that contents not removed.